Innovation In A Simple Way!

ElimuPi is a company that helps anyone to excel in coding and STEM. Turn your school or family into digital leaders. We use small and affordable desktop computers Raspberry Pi and their portable laptop versions to make this happen.

About Us

ElimuPi wants to turn Kenya into a digital leader and make the most out of Raspberry Pi computers that were created for science, learning and fun.
"Software eats the world" goes the saying, and thus coding skills become necessary for young people who want to increase options for future career success or get the most out of their current science and learning projects.

Our Products

Elimu Top

Like A laptop, pi-top is a portable Raspberry Pi computer that comes with all educational software benefits builtin.

Elimu Desk

Elimu Desk is an affordable and versatile computer, due to its small size it uses less space and provides a variety of high quality educational software.

Science Pack

Science pack is a super solution, you get all sensors and software that will turn your school into a STEM leader.

What we offer

Maintenance and repair

We do repairs and maintenance for all products you purchase from us.

Code Trainings

Learn to code using Python for STEM and Walfram mathematica language with us in 20 hours.

Scripting for projects.

Consult with us your unique STEM project and educational needs and we will make them a reality.

Why Choose Us

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Pricing Table

Basic plan

KES 2,850/Per session

  • Elimu Desktop

  • 10 sessions/2hrs each

  • 24/7 Support

Silver plan

KES ..../ month

  • Elimu Desktop

  • 10 Sessions/2hrs each

  • 24/7 Support

Gold plan

KES 23,500One Off

  • Elimu Desktop

  • 10 sessions/2hrs each

  • 24/7 Support

Our Team

Geoffrey Mwashumbe

Founder| Developer

Leah Wanjiru

Research Manager

Marianne Kadzo

Sales and Marketing Manager

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